COVID-19 Information Tool Kit for Dementia Care  |  Free Resources

COVID-19 is creating many challenges – and changing the way we live our daily lives. This is particularly problematic for those living with dementia, and those who provide support and care.

The purpose of this Tool Kit is to provide some basic information that may help those living with dementia to better understand what is happening and why. The book has bee written for people to read in a group or alone, to explain what is happening and provide an overview of basic facts related to COVID-19. All the tools are available as a free download at The first page of the book can also be used as a poster and you could print and use it as a poster.


Most people who are living with dementia struggle to remember facts, so basic posters in the second part of the tool kit have been provided to help with relaying, and remembering, the facts. The posters can be printed, laminated, and used when those in your care need to understand what is going on. Messages should be selected according to needs and abilities of individuals.

While there are many other messages that will need to be relayed, we thought it would be helpful to get you started. You can also download a partially competed poster as a Word Document, making it easy for you to edit and change the messaging to suit your needs. You are granted full permission to circulate, print and edit.

Author. Elliot, G. DementiAbility Enterprises Inc. Canada.
Adapted for the UK with permission. Phair L and Watt J. Milford Care Derbyshire UK. April 2020

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keeping safe -in residential care settings during the pandemic