Tips for families and friends When you visit a care home

Visiting a care home can sometimes be very difficult. Conversation dries up quickly and it’s hard to know what to do or what to say. For children the environment can be unfriendly and sometimes frightening. In a Montessori care community it is important that visitors enjoy the environment and activities with their relative.

Tips to enhance your visit

  • Wear a badge with your first name on
  • Approach from the front – don’t tap on the back or shoulder
  • Smile and make eye contact
  • Sit at the same level
  • Touch their hand if appropriate
  • Speak simply, one comment at a time
  • Have a laugh
  • Have fun!
  • Listen and give time for answers or comments
  • Be positive and reassuring
  • Be Patient. The information may take a while to be processed
  • Say “Will you” not “Can you”
  • Accept Incorrect statements as they may be caused by memory loss or faulty logic -it doesn’t matter really!
  • When doing an activity there is no right or wrong way- only their way
  • When the resident is helping with something, thank them for helping even if they have not been successful in the task
  • If the resident has a doll/ baby or soft toy that they care for, respect and show you care too
  • If your relative gets distressed when you leave, don’t put your coat on in front of them, or say you are going. Ask a member of staff to engage them with something, perhaps say you are going to the toilet, and slip away quietly
Visiting a care home
Visiting a care home